Guidelines for Contributors

We accept articles presenting research results from:

  • A variety of fields in linguistics in relation to the form and function of the English language across genres and discourses and in comparison with other languages, including multimodal discourse analysis
  • Translation studies focused on translating to and from English
  • Literatures in English (we particularly welcome contributions examining literary works from the perspective of ethnicity, class and gender)
  • Cultural studies including film and music
  • Cross-cultural comparative analyses
  • Reviews of monographs (the reviewer should not review a book by an author from the same institution)
  • We welcome scholarly papers written from theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Submitted manuscripts of preferably 4000 – 7000 words must be written in English or Czech. All articles are expected to be accompanied with an English abstract and key words and brief biographical information about the author. The contributions should be written in the WORD text editor and in accordance with the MLA Style Manual (literature and culture) and the APA Style Manual (linguistics, translation studies). They should be submitted either to the editor-in-chief (culture, literature, reviews) or to the associate editor (linguistics). All articles must be original and cannot have been previously published (or submitted simultaneously) elsewhere. Authors are fully responsible for the language quality of their contributions. Despite two fixed deadlines (31 January, 31 May), contributions may be submitted at any time. All articles are reviewed by the editors and by two other reviewers in a double blind reviewing procedure.

By submitting a contribution for publication in the Ostrava Journal of English Philology, the author of the text gives consent to the publication of the article in the electronic archive of the Journal, which can be accessed openly via the Journal's website.

Updated: 12. 11. 2019