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Ostrava Journal of English Philology – Volume 7 / Number 1 / 2015

Literature and Culture

Patrycja Austin
Searching for One’s Self at the Crossroads of the Cosmopolitan World: Determining the Importance of Roots for Those Who Travel through Diversities in Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie’s Americanah
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Pradip Kumar Patra
Moving towards an Ecosocial Transformation: An Ecocritical Reading of Selected Poems of Contemporary Indian Women Poets Writing in English
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Jakub Vala
Many Californias: Different Representations of California in Popular Music
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Małgorzata Martynuska
Incorporating Mexicanness into American Culture: the Case of Mariachi
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Silvia Baučeková
Hearty or Delicate? Food and Gender in the Novels of Agatha Christie
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Linguistics and Translation Studies

Naděžda Kudrnáčová
On the Holistic Status of Direct Object Participants
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Book Reviews

Jane Mattisson Ekstam
Committed Styles. Modernism, Politics, and Left-Wing Literature in the 1930s (Benjamin Kohlmann)

Ivana Řezníčková
Presentation Sentences (Syntax, Semantics and FSP) (Martin Adam)

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