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Ostrava Journal of English Philology – Volume 6 / Number 2 / 2014

Literature and Culture

Heike Raphael-Hernandez
“I am not running, I am choosing”: Black Feminist Empowerment and the Continuation of a Literary Tradition in Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust (1991) and Dee Rees’ Pariah (2011)
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Silvia Marcinová
First Generation and Second Generation Responses to the Holocaust in Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces
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Tomáš Jajtner
The Vine of Life Distilleth Drops of Grace: The Poetics of Accommodation in the Poems of Robert Southwell
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Andrea Hoffmannová
Poselství Sarah Kaneové ve hře Zpustošení
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Linguistics and Translation Studies

Ela Krejčová
Suasive Verbs and Their Complements: A Corpus-Based Study
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Tereza Guziurová
The Expression of the Writer’s Attitude in Undergraduate Textbooks and Research Articles
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Roman Adamczyk
Selected Aspects of Emotionality in Medical English Lexis – Application of the Osgood Semantic Differential
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Book Reviews

Gabriela Zapletalová
Narratives in Academic and Professional Genres (Eds. Maurizio Gotti and Carmen Sancho Guinda)

Jane Mattisson Ekstam
Literature in the First Media Age. Britain between the Wars (David Trotter)

Stanislav Kolář
Hlasy spoza mechice (Katarína Feťková)

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News, Announcements ikona pdf 0,12 MB

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